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Warrnambool Gateway Business Park is open for business!

Horne Road, Warrnambool
Welcome to Warrnambool's most affordable industrial land. Compare prices in other industrial precincts in Warrnambool at around $200-$250m2. First stage blocks at Gateway Business Park on Horne Rd are priced at $100m2. It’s really affordable to relocate. 

Stage 1 comprising 24 lots, is fully constructed. There are only 4 lots left in this stage . More than 85% of the lots in stage 1 have been sold so don't miss this amazing opportunity.

Consider an end to paying rent. Instead, create, or extend your own property portfolio. Many Warrnambool business operators have done very well financially out of investing in Industrial land.

You could even look at being a landlord. On a 2,000m2 block, potentially you could build three 360m2 sheds, occupy a shed and rent the others out. 

All lots have a full range of industrial utilities available including natural Gas and NBN.

Gateway Business Park in Horne Road, a new fully constructed major road, which is becoming a major transport road for Warrnambool, with good linkages to the north and west of Warrnambool.

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Located in East Warrnambool along the newly constructed Horne Road, the future location of the business park is already experiencing high volumes of daily traffic. 



Available lots:

Lot 17

1 x 3000m2 ($300,000)

Lot 21

1 x 7897m2 ($750,000)

Lot 23

1 x 30,000m2 ($2.7 Million)

Lot 24

1 x 3000m2 ($300,000)

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Victoria 3280

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