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Warrnambool is the centre or Capital of the South West Coast region of Victoria.  The City has a population of about 34,000 and with strong population growth projections.  It is well located close to the iconic “12 Apostles” and “Great Ocean Road” Tourist Route. 


The City has high rainfall, a temperate coastal climate,  excellent Secondary and Primary schools, a University, outstanding childcare facilities, several high class aged care facilities and  excellent health care options.   


The City of Warrnambool has a diverse range of employment opportunities from manufacturing, professional and health care and retail.  It is a city that encourages and promotes all citizens the opportunity for a healthy, prosperous, family focused and happy lifestyle.



Agriculture, in particular dairy, is the largest economic driver for our region and one of Australia’s largest national export commodities.   


This region, the South West Coast, produces about 30% of the nation’s milk and is the biggest export commodity through the Port of Melbourne.  With growth expected in this industry, encouraged through the recent China Free Trade Agreement, experts are predicting a significant uplift to the dairy industry over the coming years.

Warrnambool and the South West Coast Region

This region also has industries of State and National significance.  Not only does it produce a large portion of Australia Dairy product but it is a leader is the production of sheep, meat and wool.  Also clean energy projects like gas, wind, geothermal and wave energy are all being researched and produced in the region and Portland (1 hours west) Aluminium smelter produces 30% of Australia’s aluminium output. 


The City and region is internationally renowned for nature based tourism with 7 million visitors to the World Heritage site of the “Great Ocean Road” alone. Forestry and Mineral Sands also produce significant export opportunities for Warrnambool City, the region and the State of Victoria.​



  • “Gateway Industrial and Business Park” is situated on Horne Rd, East Warrnambool.


  • It is the only new industrial park to open in Warrnambool in recent years and the only “large scale” parcel of land that can cater for small, medium and larger businesses.    This land has all services connected but in addition the services are on scale enabling this land to house industries as large as Milk Processing Plants.   Such large scale plants often require “up sized” services of electricity, gas, water and sewer, which is connected to this site.                


  • Gateway Business Park is located on the eastern fringe of the City of Warrnambool allowing all businesses easy access to the agricultural enterprises in the region.  Businesses and investors can purchase land ranging from 1000m2 to 10 hectares, and every size in between.  This land is again ideally located close to the facilities of the City, but strategically planned separations and buffers will allow the Business Park to expand and thrive protecting it from the residential areas of the City.  There are no planning impediments for individual developments as its appropriate zoning allows most industrial and commercial uses.  This Business Park will be a major employment hub for the region.

  • A number of blocks have been sold already as local investors and commercial operators see this area as the only new location where space is not an issue. 

  • Gateway Business Park is located on the busy “heavy vehicle route” of Horne Rd, which is only several hundred metres from the Princes Highway, which is Australia’s major Main, National Highway.

  • Gateway Business Park is now selling blocks of land for purchase,  but can also organise for sheds to be constructed with local and professional firms.  Like a “house and land package”  in residential estates, Gateway Business Park also offers purchasers the ability to invest/purchase in a “shed and land package” which allows the purchaser to either move in and occupy the shed without the headache of construction  or alternatively suitable and reliable tenants can be easily sourced for on-going and long term rental income.

  • The rates of return from these investments will vary over time, but historically these industrial and commercial investments have been very sound, producing good rates of return (between 7%-9%) and better than expected rates of capital growth, compared to residential investments.  Blocks that were purchased  for $50,000 in 2001-2003 have sold for more than $200,000 ten years later.

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